PET Bottle Recycling System

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PET Bottle Recycling Machnery
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PET Bottle Recycling System
PET Bottle Recycling System
PET Recycling System
- PET Bottles are born as good quality flake after selection, crushing, washing, rinsing and drying process.

  PET Filament)
  PET Fiber
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Designed to demonstrate excellent performance for
crushing plastic and is very effective for crushing
PET bottles, PE and PP.

@ Rotating blades and fixed blades are designed not to
cause power chip with angels for reducing
the resistance at the time of crushing.

@ To endure any impact, the frame and rotor axis are
designed to be 2.5 times stronger than the
crusher of other company of the same grade.

@ External structure can be made ro order at the request of

@Hydro cyclone and vibration screen are attached for
accurate centrifugal gravity separation. In addition,
overflow applies together for perfect cleaning and separa-
tion of foreign substance.

@ External structure and size of machines can be made to
order at the request of users.

@ Designed to be suitable for compression of PET bottles,
vinyl and wastes. In particular, the bottom of compres-
sion chamber is manufactured with special materials
and has excellent endurance.

@ External structure and size of machine can be made to
order at the request of users.

@This PET Baler is for compressing waste PET
bottles to reduce its size for saving the trans-
port expenses or production cost etc.